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Cervia and surroundings

Romagna to live and explore

In the heart of the Riviera Romagnola, Cervia is just a handful of kilometres from many attractions and places of interest. Here's how to turn a classic day's holiday into something different...

Between nature and fun

Parks, spa, nature

- Zoo Safari Over 1,000 animals of around 100 different species to discover in the Safari Area and in the Pedestrian Area: lions, giraffes, zebras, tigers, hippos, chimpanzees, lemurs, reptiles to get to know up close!
CerviAvventura Park Routes suspended among the pines of the Cervia natural park. An opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, play sports and have fun in an alternative way.
Cervia Spa Known throughout Romagna for their therapeutic characteristics, for which salt has much of the credit. It was the salt workers who worked there who realized the healing powers of salt.
Starting from a small factory, today the center offers cutting-edge services and treatments carried out by specialized medical personnel.
- The Adriatic Golf Club It enchants golf enthusiasts with its 27-hole course that unfolds over an area of ​​almost 100 hectares that runs alongside the ancient pine forest.
- With large paddocks shaded paths and a dedication to animal care, this center offers a compelling experience for horse riding enthusiasts.

City of

A treasure chest of history and beauty

Easily reachable in 20 minutes by train: Ravenna, a jewel of art and history that captures the essence of beauty. With its breathtaking mosaics, ancient basilicas and medieval atmosphere, Ravenna invites you on a journey into artistic elegance.
Lose yourself among the cobbled streets, discover the secrets of its works of art and let yourself be enveloped by the timeless aura of this city.
An invitation to explore Ravenna, where history comes to life in every corner and where every step is a journey into Italy's cultural heritage.