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Living in Cervia

Beach, pine forest, sports...

Welcome to Cervia, where summer is a symphony of unique experiences! Between the golden sands and calm waters of the Adriatic, Living Cervia means immersing yourself in a world of summer charm. With its impeccable beaches, the pulsating heart of the historic center, and a variety of outdoor activities, Cervia offers the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. Discover the best of the Adriatic summer, and let yourself be enchanted by Cervia: your ideal summer destination.

So much more to discover

Go around by bike or on foot

10 minutes walk. Immerse yourself in the verdant Pinarella pine forest along the sea. The ideal space for relaxation and sports, walks and picnics, a fresh break during your day at the beach.
5 minutes by bike. Reach the port and the Borgo Marina which captures visitors with its fascinating combination of history and sea, full of restaurants and artisan activities and an invitation to immerse yourself in the sweet melody of coastal life.
Continuing after the San Michele Tower you will discover the many evening and aperitif venues with the evocative panorama of the Darsena del Sale.
The historic centre, the authentic shops, the narrow paved streets, Piazza Garibaldi and the arcades, the evening markets and events.

The salt pans
of Cervia

From the sea to the salt pan

We will be happy to offer you guided tours of the salt pan: immersed in the beauty of nature, the Cervia salt pan is a jewel of balance between man and the environment.
With its ancient salt basins and the history reflected in the tanks, this area is a testimony to the salt-making tradition that has shaped the territory.
A place where the salty landscape meets biodiversity, creating a unique atmosphere that celebrates the connection between community and the majesty of nature.

Po Delta Park

From salt marsh to biodiversity

We will also offer you itineraries to admire an explosion of biodiversity and landscape beauty. With its lagoons, forests and canals, this unique habitat supports a rich variety of flora and fauna, making it a nature lover's paradise.
Exploring the Po Delta means immersing yourself in an uncontaminated world, where the majesty of the river blends harmoniously with the surrounding ecosystem, offering an unforgettable experience of serenity and discovery.