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your slow breakfast

Forget the hectic pace of everyday life, on holiday breakfast is slow and relaxed. In the bright breakfast room, a fragrant buffet full of delicacies awaits you. From our kitchen to your table, a variety of delicious recipes for a harmonious and relaxed awakening.


the gentle awakening

Tarts, cakes, biscuits, fluffy doughnuts and much more straight from our kitchen. Toasted bread is also a must, And to accompany them, coffee and cappuccino with fresh milk as at the bar, and all the hot and cold drinks you desire.

foto hotel
foto hotel


the salty awakening

Cheese and cold cuts, frankfurters, fresh bread and freshly prepared eggs await you for a tasty and satisfying wake-up call. Accompany this with the freshness of our drinks and immerse yourself in a savoury taste experience that will make your start to the day memorable.


the beneficial awakening

Our healthy breakfast is a feast for your body's well-being. You will find fresh and nutritious ingredients such as oat flakes, crunchy muesli, cereal bread yoghurt and a selection of nuts and seeds, you will enjoy a start to the day that nourishes not only your palate but also your vitality.

foto hotel
foto hotel

in no hurry!

for those who prefer to sleep a little longer

Treat yourself to the luxury of starting your day calmly with our breakfast where time is your ally. From the freshness of the baked goods to the unique flavours of the savoury items, you can savour every bite without hurry. Our service extends beyond 11 a.m., allowing you to enjoy breakfast at leisure, giving you a wake-up call with no fixed schedule and a relaxed start to the day.